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Vein Evaluation

Ultrasound Vein Evaluations

At Zimmet Vein & Dermatology, we use duplex ultrasound to evaluate veins that are below the skin. In most patients with bulging varicose veins, and in some patients with just spider veins, the root of the problem is a vein below the surface. Using the duplex ultrasound machine to evaluate the veins below the surface, we’re able to identify the veins that require vein treatment.

The duplex ultrasound, a painless non-invasive test, sends sound waves into the tissues, transmitting a black-and-white image which shows various structures, including your vessels. This technology also provides an audible signal of the movement of blood through your veins, as well as a color representation of the blood flow. This can tell us if the vein if working well, or if it has faulty valves that allow backward blood flow, causing the varicose veins and related symptoms a patient may be experiencing. The ultrasound can also detect blood clots that may have formed in the veins.

Benefits of the Duplex Ultrasound Vein Evaluation:

  • Provides important information which Dr. Zimmet uses to determine the best treatment options
  • Determines the size of veins and how the veins are connected
  • Evaluates blood movement to identify faulty valves
  • Can visualize clots that have formed in veins

Generally, no preparation is necessary before the ultrasound examination. Ultrasound gel, which facilitates the travel of sound waves, is applied to the area to be studied. A wand or “transducer” is moved over the area. If used to evaluate varicose veins, the ultrasound examination works best when the patient is standing.

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