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Compression Stockings

Relief For Your Leg Pain

Compression stockings apply graduated compression to the leg to aid circulation. The pressure is greatest at the ankle and reduces as it goes up the leg. This helps the blood return to the heart (venous return), reducing pooling and congestion in the leg veins. The reduction in pooling helps decrease swelling and reduce vein-related symptoms such as aching, leg heaviness and leg fatigue.

Are Compression Stockings Right For You?

Not everyone is a good candidate for compression stockings, so it’s important that you have a proper evaluation by a knowledgeable physician. Prescription compression stockings (and sometimes compression bandages) are used to treat phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis and are also used after vein treatment. They may also be worn for preventative purposes.

Types of Stockings

  • Over-the-counter stockings provide low compression and are not adequate for vein treatment. They may not be strong enough for those with vein symptoms.
  • T.E.D. hose (the white hose often used when someone is in bed recovering from surgery) do not provide adequate compression for people who are able to walk.
  • Prescription-strength compression stockings are available with varying degrees of compression. The class of stocking used will depend on the indication and severity of the venous disease.

The design and feel of stockings have improved a lot over the years. They look much better and are more comfortable than they were in the past. Now, stockings come in a variety of styles and colors and many companies manufacture compression stockings.

We offer the highest quality compression hose available, for use after vein treatment and for preventative vein health benefits. Some excellent stocking manufacturers include MediJuzoJobstSigvaris and Bauerfeind.

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