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Are you interested in softening your wrinkles but can’t stand the thought of needles? Revance Therapeutics is currently developing a topically applied botulinum toxin type A, which may provide a painless alternative to Botox® and Dysport®

The new product, if approved by the FDA, works by “pulling” the large neurotoxin molecules through the skin by attracting them to a lysine chain. As the molecules are pulled through, they act the same way Botox does: by disabling the nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract in a way that creates wrinkles. So far, the gel has been successful in reducing the appearance of crow’s feet in the trial’s subjects.

As always, Dr. Zimmet recommends not using a product until it is approved for use by the FDA. Until the topical gel is authorized, Botox or Dysport administered through a needle are peer-reviewed and FDA-approved methods of rejuvenating skin.

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