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Body piercings are a common trend that doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. A small amount of pain, a few months of healing, and a small risk of infection are normal for most piercings. However, serious complications can and do occur.

Complications vary based on site of piercing, hygiene used, and experience of the piercer. General or systemic complications include infections of various types, in some cases leading to brain abscess. Localized complications such as allergic reaction, scarring, and local infection can occur.

Individuals who choose to get pierced–especially in a place that’s particularly susceptible to infection–should keep the following warnings in mind.

  • Piercings always carry a risk of complications. Seek out an experienced piercer in a clean, licensed parlor to minimize risk.
  • Make sure you’re not allergic. Sometimes complications arise due to unknown allergies to latex or the metal in the jewelry, like nickel.
  • Piercings in certain places on the body can make infection more likely. Additionally, certain piercings come with extra risks (for example, genital piercings could result in infertility if infection develops). Oral piercings often create dental problems and crack teeth, and ear, nipple and navel piercings are more likely to tear.

As with any other procedure, Dr. Zimmet recommends that patients thoroughly research the practitioner who will be performing the procedure. For more information, contact Zimmet Vein and Dermatology today.

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