Prepping Skin for Spring

The winter months can be tough on skin, leaving it dull and dry and often ignored under all of those layers. But the weather will be warming up soon (especially here in Austin), and the layers will come off. Don’t let shorts weather catch you off guard—prep your skin now for spring, and you’ll be able to show off fresh, glowing skin.

Slough Off Dry Skin
Exfoliate your body 2-3 times a week to get rid of layers of dead skin cells that make your skin look and feel rough. There are a number of products to choose from to help you do this. Loofahs, exfoliating gloves, body brushes and scrubs are all effective. You can even make your own sugar scrub by adding sugar to a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to make a paste. Exfoliate in the shower using circular motions. Tip: The homemade sugar scrub also works wonders on your lips—after all, they need TLC too!

Keep it Cool in the Shower
It’s difficult, but avoid hot showers. Instead use warm water, then end your shower with an as-cold-as-you-can-stand rinse. The cold water invigorates skin and will make you feel energized. Plus, it’s great for blood circulation and even helps hair look shiny and smooth. After you shower, gently pat yourself dry and apply your favorite lotion.

Don’t Forget Hands & Feet
Some parts need special attention. Hands and feet are extra dry and scaly from winter’s elements. At night before you go to bed, exfoliate both hands and feet. Get into bed and apply an overnight moisturizing cream, then slip on soft gloves and socks to maximize absorption. Leave the gloves and socks on while you sleep to wake up with extra-soft hands and feet.

Get a Tan (but lose the tanning bed)
It’s tempting to rely on a tanning bed to give you that base tan you want before baring arms and legs in spring weather—but just say no! Self-tanning is a better way to get a bronze glow, and it will help you save both money and your skin. It helps that self tanning products have come a long way in the last ten years. You can definitely find one in your price range that won’t turn you orange or streaky or leave you smelling like a burnt carrot. So choose your cream, lotion, gel or spray and get glowing! Just make sure to exfoliate beforehand to get an even application.

In all of your preparations for spring-ready skin, don’t forget about your face. If you want to get ahead of the beauty curve, try one of our popular peels and refreshers. Our experienced aestheticians can help you find just the right treatment to achieve a gorgeous, rejuvenated complexion.

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