Eat Fruits and Vegetables for Bronzed Skin

Eating a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is good for your heart and helps you get the nutrients your body needs. However, eating plant-based foods can also deliver results that are “skin-deep,” according to recent research. A study performed in Scotland shows that adding three extra servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet can brighten your skin and make you look and feel healthier.

The study monitored the diet of college students and measured color changes in their skin. Individuals with a diet dense in veggies and fruits had amplified red skin tones, whereas decreased consumption of these foods resulted in a paler complexion. The researchers attributed this phenomenon to carotenoids, which are chemicals present in plants that give the skin a healthy glow and pigment. For example, eating carrots and sweet potatoes, foods rich in beta carotene, can give you a tan-like glow. Individuals with an already pale complexion will notice changes more easily than those with more natural skin pigment.

Filling your plate with fruits and vegetables is a much more healthy alternative to spending hours getting sun damage in tanning beds. For more information about how to keep your skin healthy, contact Zimmet Skin & Vein today.

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