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Complimentary Removal of Radiation Tattoos

Dr. Zimmet has entered into a partnership with the local Susan G. Komen® Foundation and Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) to address a specific aesthetic need of many breast cancer survivors. Many of the women who have had breast cancer have permanent radiation marker tattoos left on their skin. If the woman is completely free of the cancer, and there are no known chances of its recurrence, the woman may consider getting the permanent tattoo removed from an experienced dermatologist.

The treatment may be recommended for suitable candidates who are bothered by the presence of these radiation tattoos. Dr. Zimmet and his team are providing complimentary removal of radiation tattoos for women who have recovered from breast cancer. This complimentary service can prove to be very useful for women who may be considering this treatment from a reputed dermatology practice.

What are Radiation Tattoos?

Radiation therapy may involve the use of tattoo markings to allow the radiation therapist to precisely target the area that needs to be treated. These tattoos are usually very tiny, about one millimeter in size. The marketing is permanent, but it is crucial to ensure the accurate targeting of the cancerous area. The radiation tattoos also help the technicians to line up the treatment fields more efficiently, which allows for the smoother running of each of the radiation therapy sessions.

Permanent tattoos are preferred by most cancer treatment centers because they are much more precise compared to a Magic Marker line. Furthermore, with permanent tattoos, the patient does not have to worry about losing the critical guiding marks during showers, swimming, or other activities between treatment sessions.

Process of Radiation Tattoos

The radiation tattoos are created by placing one drop of black or dark blue ink on the patient’s skin, which is followed by the application of a sterilized needle to mark the tattoo. The needle implants a part of the ink within the skin layer, making it a permanent mark.

The process feels similar to a pin prick, and does not cause any significant pain or discomfort. An experienced radiation therapist will make use of the tiniest needle possible to lift the top layer of the skin to place the speck of ink underneath. The procedure does not involve any deep penetration of the skin.

Permanent Tattoos

While the tattoos are an essential tool in the treatment of breast cancer and other types of cancer, but the patient should be aware that these tattoos are permanent. Patients who are not under any risk of recurrence of the breast cancer may have the tattoos removed from a skilled dermatologist.

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