Congratulations, Dr. Zimmet!

BestVeinCareSmallLogo-ZimmetWe are delighted and proud to announce Dr. Zimmet’s recent acceptance to the Best Vein Care online registry as a Premiere member. Registry membership is granted only to vein doctors who pass rigorous verification and assessment phases.

Best Vein Care was founded by six physician colleagues to establish needed standards for the venous community and to help patients access the highest quality vein care in their area. The organization’s mission is “to become the leading authoritative resource for evaluating vein centers & vein care physicians; thereby, providing an invaluable asset that will enable patients to make informed vein care choices.”

To make this happen, the center requires vein doctor candidates to apply in three phases:

First Phase:

Verification: Similar to the way a health care facility reviews staff applications, certified representatives verify the applicant’s education, training and experience. If cleared, applicants progress to the second phase.

Second Phase:

Self-Assessment: During this phase, physicians assess their own performance and identify strengths and possible areas of improvement (as compared to the Standards of Excellence.) This phase is facilitated by the Chief Verification Officer and other certified Best Vein Care representatives.

Site Visit: The physician and center are observed and rated on a 150-point system by certified BVC representatives.

Third Phase:

Recognition: When the validation, verification and assessment processes are completed, the findings are presented to the Physician Quality Committee. This committee places the final stamp of approval on the vein doctor’s practice as a “Center of Excellence”.

If a vein center exceeds quality standards above 100 points on the value system, that center is designated a “Preferred Center of Excellence.” Even more distinguished is the “Premiere Center of Excellence”, which achieves its title by exceeding quality standards above 125 points.

We’re not surprised that Zimmet Vein & Dermatology was deemed a Premiere Center of Excellence!

Dr. Zimmet is one of the only 26 vein doctors in the state of Texas recognized by this distinguished accrediting body. If you’re suffering from vein problems, contact our office today, knowing your vein health will be in the most competent hands.

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